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here is the one cloud, pictured with the pentax.

this got me thinking about why I love film so much. perhaps it’s excitation preceding the surprise I have every time I pick up a developed roll.

today, I’m also pretty excited to pick up Aïda – my sister – from the airport. fun week ahead!

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journalone cloud {4}


one cloud. two cameras. it’s the story of a girl who contemplated the outdoor world from her flat.

today was spent in bed, expect for the trip to the store downstairs to get some oven chips and a couple of tomatoes.

luckily, my favorite boy is now on his break and we’re going to have a coffee date. I still love to have dates with him, even though we now live together.
it makes everything seems a little more glittery and exciting!

anything lovely you can make me discover in London or on the internet?

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journalarc-en-ciel {3}


it’s still pretty early here in London. too early to quit my duvet cover and open the curtains.

I’m still almost asleep, but can’t stop looking at my film pictures of Entrevaux. the place where time seems to stop. only love and happiness remain.

a bit like how I feel today, listening to outdoors sounds from my very own nest.

three things I will do today.

1. wander around town with my pentax camera.
2. have lunch with a friend.
3. work on the cookbook I want to publish.

three things I wish would happen.

1. spend days off with my boyfriend.
2. work less than twelve to fifteen hours a day.
3. cook more at home.

I also wish I could spend my week ends in Entrevaux, where time always seems to stop.

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journalimproved {2}




thanks for all the wishes. you are just so adorable. I wish I could all invite you here, in our small flat, and we could have tea with homemade scones and jam.

this seems highly unlikely to happen, but the least I can do is to show you our latest home improvement: a clouds polaroid heart with our much-loved Habitat analog clock + the gorgeous krakatoa poster from Elisabeth.

x fanny

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inspiration, journal, wishlistla foire {one}



(image by yvette)

this set of four happy pictures would look perfect in the flat Guillaume and I are going to move into in less than a fortnight.

papers are signed, we’ll just have to wait another couple of days until we’re set. fingers crossed!


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journalI don’t want anything more {2}





do you see what is coming? I do. and I’m excited. love xo.

ps. thanks for the sweet comments on my last posts. you guys gave me so many more reasons to love autumn.

uggs. I mean uggs. my absolute favourite shoes for the indoor and the outdoor.

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journalpermanent midnight {one}


everything feels dark and blurry. and I’m scared of what is coming ahead.

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