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journalshooting stars {2}



yesterday turned out to be an almost perfect day; filled with friends, love, cough syrup, cake, and SNOW.

friends: the best way to go with friends is to be honest and admit it when things don’t turn out as they should for whatever reason.

love: close your eyes, and let the magic happen.

cough syrup: it seems the most reasonable approach to a sore throat. the best-spent four pounds of my life.

cake: small cranberry cakes with lovely orange and cinnamon undertones are the perfect complement to…

SNOW: two days in a row. it feels unreal for the southern girl I am. snow, period. right in the city centre, period.

I hope to be able to drop by sometime during the upcoming few days, but really, don’t expect much from me. I have the feeling that the restaurant is going to be super busy!

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journalfinds {2}

dream pond

dream tattoo


sometimes it’s best to put some blinkers on to only see the best in life and forget about the rest (that goes somewhere along the lines of this-sore-throat-kills-me and I-am-working-way-too-much).

so today, from the bottom of my bed, I want to share with you three funny finds I have made during the past few weeks.

one. chickpeas are shy little guys. Guillaume put some to soak in the kitchen. and at night, we wondered where that popping noise came from. we checked the kitchen only to discover the pops stopped when we got in only to start again when we had our backs turned. shy, they are indeed.

two. life always have the best surprises. I’ve just realised that something I never wished for happened anyway. and now, it just seems normal and comforting. I couldn’t be happier.

three. I can’t keep a secret. I have been trying to make the secretest presents for Guillaume’s Christmas, but everytime, I just jump on any occasion to give him some hints about what they are.

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inspiration, wishlistxmas wishlist, the tattoo {comments closed}



bow (by heidifurre), testing out the calligraphy tools (by kate), nobility (by kate), *’_’* (by .bu).

I want a tattoo: on the inner wrist, with my own handwriting, and possibly a small drawing. most definitely with a handmade feel.

does anyone have good recommendation for a tattoo parlour in London? oh please say yes.
I have been waiting for this tattoo for so long, and now I’ve found what I want to write on my skin, it is simply the right time.

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journaltwenty five {3}



it’s already the first of December. plus, we’ve now been in London for over two weeks.

time has flown by so quickly. I’ve had my ups and downs; no later than yesterday, but do make wishes / cross your fingers for me today, as I’m onto something new and exciting.

today from eleven am, I’ll have to convince a chef that I can be part of his team.

see you tomorrow for an update and possibly a Christmas advent drawing. x

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food, handmade, journalaujourd’hui {one}



today’s to-do list makes me feel happy.

one. make soft trees (picture by Shanna Murray) using this perfect pattern. I’m thinking of a combination of white, cream, brown and red.

two. make cookies (picture by Heidi Swanson). perhaps with pumpkin, a touch of cinnamon and crushed daims. yum!

three. finish the fabric garland I started a year ago. I want it huge so I can hang it on the ceiling of our new flat.

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inspiration, journalone week {3}

eva lindh

(picture by Eva Lindh)

in exactly one week, we’ll be sleeping in our new flat. in London. right now, we’re more excited than jumping bunnies.

the fact that Christmas is around might have something to do with it as well. in fact, we’ve already planned to rush to a Christmas tree patch and get one, on the day we arrive.

it will have handmade ornaments like a paper garland, frosted cinnamon biscuits, and wool pompoms.

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journalthat night {one}


I’ve really missed taking pictures and writing here. hopefully as soon as the holiday season will have flown by things are going to get back to normal.

today was the most perfect Christmas day ever. present-opening. hot chocolate-drinking. turkey-eating. movie-watching. iPod-touching. hope yours was lovely too.

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inspirationsnow me happy {comments closed}


as Christmas is getting closer, I’m having less and less time to post around here. in the meantime, you might want to stop by my tumblr, where I sort of bookmark my favourite images around the internet.

this beautiful picture was found on abby’s blog. her photography is magic.

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journalthree twenty-four {comments closed}


apparently almost a week went by since I last talked to you. but I have extremely good reasons. the pâtisserie has been busy. I have to take care of a five-month old cat, which is oh-so-sweet but also dam good at hide-and seek. I bought a terrific semi-pro printer to finally make some of my pictures available through my shop. I’ve restlessy scanned and printed some pretty polaroids. me and my bestfriend set up a new etsy shop, la moustache.

can’t wait to show you all the beautiful prints I’ve made today. xxx

ps. don’t you just love the new shop banner? I do. kites are the thing. I would normally put a picture, but it would mean that I need to open illustrator, and I have a hot bowl of homemade mushroom soup waiting for me.

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