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hello there, it’s been a while. a too-long while. I miss this journal so much, just like I miss taking daily pictures or exploring London with Guillaume.

but last week, I found an old roll of film and Guillaume got it developed only to find pictures from a day we spent somewhere in the mountains, sometime around november, with that someone I am in like with.

it was the most perfect day. and we now need to make everything so those kind of days repeat over and over. everything might include finding another – less interesting yet less time-consuming – job.

decisions, decisions.

what is new on your side of the world?

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journalblur {2}

fog road


bland flowers


as promised here are a couple of pictures from friday’s road trip to the mountains.

I spent time taking pictures of the pretty mountain flowers, and collecting pine cones for a christmas advent calendar project.


but I must have felt something because as soon as I reached my car, a lightning bolt flashed close to the road. it was a surreal experience to see the flash and hear the rumble at the same time.

one thing is for sure. the girl will not go back to the mountains by herself. luckily, she has mountain friendly friends. in facts she spent the following week end near the Italian border, in the Alps.

what did you do this week end? I picked chestnuts with my boyfriend and did so much more, but I shall save some for tomorrow’s post. xx

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