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journalhappy {5}


I still can’t believe it. and yet.

the bestest thing to wake up to.

ps. as my sister wisely said: it’s sweet, but it remains pictures of my feet. gross!

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journaltwo {one}


my room is quite a mess. but instead of the planned tidy-up, I ended up staying in bed all day.

listening to beautiful music, looking at some lovely book, writing in my journal, talking to a favourite friend, eating pan-fried gnocchi, and rather evidently, looking at my feet.

the cameras on my bed will have to wait a little before they find a neat place!

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journalone {one}


juicy stone fruits, forever sun, sparkling river thames, bike rides, and pimm’s and lemonade.

I love summer, although I will deny it no matter how much effort you put into having me admit it. but right now, I do truly wish those moments would last. for ever.

ps. august has been here for a little over forty hours now. and rather evidently, I’m already late for the summer break. but I’ll make up for it later in the evening.

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journalcerf-volant {7}


amongst other things involving cheap red wine, a lot of sleeping, a few too many laughs, and some fun games, here is what happened.

my very first tattoo. I couldn’t be more excited and literally can’t stop looking at my feet. it’s just so amazing to have a unique and homemade sign.

for the first time ever, I do feel like I am myself. as if something was missing. and now, I won’t have the need to draw on my skin constantly.

what is your dream ink?

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inspiration, journalthat day {comments closed}

(top picture by Tim Walker)

one summer ago. we saw wolves. and I fell in love with you.

we had dreams made of road trips, the kind of them where you sleep in the car. we had dreams of lazy nights, the kind of them spent by the seaside with good wine and grilled fish eaten with fingers.

yes, that was the day I fell in love with you.

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journalthe golden hour {3}


I woke up to the most gorgeous shades of gold. this new morning light feels exciting. x

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journalpeanut {2}


it’s been a while since the last hello monday. and to be honest the couple past mondays have been less than great, as in break-up less than great.

but today already feels perfect. I took our bunny peanut into the garden. he just loves being in the grass and eating too many flowers.

later, I will go for lunch on the beach with a new friend, get some new pied-de-poule pants for work, and help my sister on her poetry report.

have a lovely monday, wherever in the world you’re stuck!

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journaldans l’herbe {6}


no matter how eager I am to go back to London, I must admit I’m quite enjoying the quiet moments I spend here.

my flight was supposed to leave early this morning, and now I won’t be able to catch a train for England before this wednesday.

in the meantime, I’m clearly hanging out with the coolest kid ever: peanut. we’re both lying in the grass and monkeying around.

wounds seem to heal nicely this way. and it feels good to painlessly breath again without the tears.

how lazily are you spending your Sunday?

ps. I have three rolls of film waiting to be developed. it’s going to be fun.

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journaloff the map {6}


a lot has happened lately. in fact, it’s been a lot more than I can handle. so I decided to take a week off and fly to France.

I’m now ready to go back to London for more exciting adventures. at least, that’s what I want to be thinking.

for now, I’ll just stick to this and pretend I actually feel like smiling about it all.

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journalthe squirrel {2}


here is our new friend who followed us through hyde park. he was so adorable. and really liked pecan nuts; which are also a favourite of mine.

so are: having friends visiting, going to a nice restaurant, being in love with foodbeam, making cheesecake, and getting wet with spring rain showers.

have a lovely week!

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