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inspirationpaper creatures {one}



(image from camilla engman)

those paper creatures from studio violet look adorable. I just can’t wait for the book!

as off right now, I also can’t wait for my bed after this twelve hour work day. luckily the latest episode of gossip girl is waiting for me on my sister’s laptop (mine still being repaired), and my mum just made a mushroom risotto.

how was your tuesday? any great finds?

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inspirationmorran love {comments closed}



Morran recently got her life-size portrait printed. she looks adorable and so does the print, but then as Camilla said: ‘how could it not be with such a great model?’.

thanks for putting a huge smile on my face Camilla. I love morning happiness.

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inspiration0009 {comments closed}

0001/ camilla’s beautiful ceramics.

0002/ tepees.

0003/ sophie.

0004/ fashion illustrations.

0005/ megan’s beautiful foodblog.

0006/ black and white buildings.

0007/ ez’ pretty shop.

0008/ drive me home.

0009/ the beach.


I went away for a long time. apparently. and I missed it here. sure I still collected pretty images on my much-loved tumblr blog, but things just don’t seem right when I don’t post here.

but now I’m back – at least for today – with a different kind of post. and trust me, it’s pretty hard for the uniformity-freak that I am not to style this the same way I usually do. I guess the fact that I’m slightly tired with a cold and probably an emotionnal wreck from a recent break-up might have to do with this sudden routine-bashing.
edit: so hard in fact that I had to change the way it looked. I might be healing faster that I thought I would (I totally went against my maniac-ness though. nine images; not ten. big huge step!).

lately, I’ve felt overly inspired, and in need for constant inspiration. here is my top nine, in random order.

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