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food, journalle goûter {5}


sometimes, I just want to stop shaving my legs, pack my cameras into a backpack and put a warm chilean hat on. I would escape to a place I’ve never been to and open my eyes. I would live on water and figs.

some other times, I just want to share a slice of cake with my friends. for le goûter. sat down on some rock stairs, we would laugh a bit too much and talk for hours about our dreams.

right now, I have two dreams. the first one is stated above. and the second one would be to open a patisserie in a small village of the south of France.

what are your dreams?

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food, journallooking back {2}


today, I feel like exploring the past; which is quite unusual for me who much rather live in the present and dream about the future.

recent past: out visit to Ikea on the day after we arrived to London.
a pretty bad fish and chips. a sweet daim cake. a delicate gas station just outside the store. a delicious cinnamon roll to eat in the bus.

past past: this blog has gone through so many changes. design, content, name… this got me thinking about the day on which I thought I had lost the database forever. it felt both terrifying and refreshing.
sometimes, I really want to erase everything and start from an empty page.
other times, I just feel like I should give this blog a new look/name (yes, I know, again?).

do you like looking back, or are you more of a future-driven person?

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journalshooting stars {2}



yesterday turned out to be an almost perfect day; filled with friends, love, cough syrup, cake, and SNOW.

friends: the best way to go with friends is to be honest and admit it when things don’t turn out as they should for whatever reason.

love: close your eyes, and let the magic happen.

cough syrup: it seems the most reasonable approach to a sore throat. the best-spent four pounds of my life.

cake: small cranberry cakes with lovely orange and cinnamon undertones are the perfect complement to…

SNOW: two days in a row. it feels unreal for the southern girl I am. snow, period. right in the city centre, period.

I hope to be able to drop by sometime during the upcoming few days, but really, don’t expect much from me. I have the feeling that the restaurant is going to be super busy!

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journalelephant twelve houses {3}

elephant cupcake


london house


dear friends, first off let me tell you how happy I am to have you all.

your response to the latest post – and our new HOME (love love to say this, sounds like music to my ears) – was amazing and made us so so so happy. so do the following three things:

one. getting to make cupcakes and pretty cakes for a photshoot. this also means working from 5pm to who knows when, but I could do anything for flour and sugar.

two. walking through our gorgeous neighbourhood while sipping a delicious latte from the hummingbird bakery.

three. going home and finding how cosy our flat is.

love. x fanny

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food, inspirationsprinkles {6}


(image by Victoria Pearson)

I’m getting ready for my upcoming job interview by exploring cupcakes. what a sweet assignment!

sprinkles cupcakes definitely sound like a reference. just read the list below and you’ll get my point.

cross your fingers for me. pleaaase. and if by any chance you know some inspiring cupcake bakery, let me know. xo

banana banana cake with creamy vanilla or chocolate frosting
black and white Belgian chocolate cake with creamy vanilla frosting
carrot walnut studded carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
chai latte chai spiced cake with chai latte vanilla frosting
chocolate coconut Belgian chocolate cake with coconut cream cheese frosting
chocolate marshmallow chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting and chocolate ganache
cinnamon sugar lightly spiced buttermilk cake cake with cinnamon sugar
coconut vanilla cake with cream cheese coconut frosting
dark chocolate chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
ginger lemon spiced ginger cake with lemon cream cheese frosting
ginger maple spiced ginger cake with maple cream cheese frosting
lemon lemon cake with vanilla and lemon frosting
lemon coconut vanilla cake with lemon and coconut cream cheese frosting
milk chocolate milk chocolate cake with fudge frosting
mocha dark chocolate cake with rich mocha frosting
orange orange cake with orange frosting
peanut butter chip chocolate chip studded peanut butter cake with peanut butter frosting
peanut butter chocolate chocolate chip studded peanut butter cake with milk chocolate frosting
pumpkin spiced pumpking cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting
red velvet light chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting
strawberry pure strawberry cake with sweet strawberry frosting
vanilla cake with creamy vanilla frosting
vanilla milk chocolate vanilla cake with fudgy milk chocolate cream cheese frosting

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food, journaldalahäst {2}

ikea dala horse pan

ikea dala horse pan


I’m pretty happy today because my boyfriend is at home and we’re doing exciting things, such as: knitting and making a fondant au chocolat (recipe here, except we use milk chocolate this time, and only 300g sugar instead of the 400g the recipe calls for).

as I’m typing this, he’s actually knitting his very own scarf – yes, the one I wanted to gave him as a present for christmas. a soft black alpaca wool scarf. me wantey too.

but well, he’s seriously fast, and now off to the kitchen for some chocolate action. I’m thrilled with the new little tins he got me at ikea yesterday. dalahäst chocolate cake with crushed daim.

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food, inspirationblueberry {4}

blueberry cakes

blueberry cakes colours


this is something I’m super excited to share again. colour palettes. I’ve missed them so so much I can’t believe it’s actually been almost a year since I last made one.

today’s palette is all about purple, gold, and grey. to be honest, I never thought these would match, but after a few dozen of minutes, I finally got a palette that – in my opinion – feels delicate and sophisticated.

what colours do inspire you today?
(haha, I’m secretly trying to find inspiration for the next colour palette).

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food, journalthree days. {2}


day one. I saw the sea from the train that took me to my grand-parents’ house, a short thousand kilometres away from where I live all year round.

day two. I made the ultimate chocolate fondant with my favourite person ever, Sindri, my eight-year-old cousin who I get to have awesome talks and crazy fun with.

day three. I wrote and drew on record cards. and it feels good. especially when you know I set up my office at the back of the garden so I could: a. enjoy the pretty flowers, and b. get the internet connection from the neighbours.

xx fanny

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inspiration, journalI come down in your room {comments closed}

three things that made me smile today.

• hanging out with him at our favourite coffee shop, talking about dreams over an iced moka – for me – and a banana and chocolate milkshake – for him.

•• dreams. moving to london? this cute bag we spotted on our way to the car definitely felt like a secret message.

••• baking a soft and crumbly apricot cake. our apricot tree has given us so many fruits this year, we don’t know what to do with them. luckily, the weather got dark, which meant no-beach time, let’s do some patisserie!

three places I love today.

• whispering in your ear under a tepee.

•• jumping high in the air with friends.

••• hiding in a lighthouse.

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food, journalliquid honey {comments closed}


aside from the many cakes/entremets/tarts I made at work today and the one little loaf cake I made at home, I spent most of my day sleeping, so did Pirate the cat.

cosily nested on my tummmy, around my neck, on my chest, around my arm… we looked like twins – except he snores a lot and I don’t. then I woke up for a cup of tea; and Pirate munched on some meat. good lazy times.

I guess I must have been really tired, because I got affected by the silliest story of all times. V. posted a picture of mine without giving credit. a picture I’m deeply fond of. and she wouldn’t publish or answer to my comments.
and damn, this made me sad.

but I have the feeling that after all this Pirate napping and cuddling and snoring, I don’t really mind anymore. I’m now off to browse my favourite internet reads to find pretty images to print out for my new inspiration wall.

update: dear friends, from now on, I shall tell you to get the sleep you need. it’ll avoid unnecesary and pointless drama. thanks V. for being so kind and understanding. xx

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