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food, journala kind of magic {4}


sometimes, the simplest things turn into magic. and to me, this is the beauty of the everyday.

one. baking bread.
two. rainy days with thunder.
three. laughing. always and forever more.
four. looking at the world through a camera.
five. getting lost.

what feels like magic to you?

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food, journalcoldest {3}


despite feeling like an old lady due to the flu, today has been the best day ever; and also the coldest.

one. I bought everything to recreate my favourite bagel in london. the beef will start its brining tomorrow. and next week, it will be time for some bagel-making action.

two. I took the loveliest polaroid of my rainy window. blurry and all. I’m in love.

three. I finally made that one dessert I had in mind. photographed it. and talked (too much) about it.

since today is my very own sunday I treated myself with some delicious ricotta and spinach ravioli. hmmmm. good night. x

two slices of whole-wheat toast with a little butter.
two large glasses of tropical juice.

a plate of ricotta and spinach ravioli.
a spoonful of pop corn panna cotta.

a bowl of gazpacho.
a slice of bread.

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food, journalin my kitchen {4}


green seems to be everywhere. from the onion bulb that has started germinating, to the matcha green tea brioches that are currently rising slightly more than I expected in the oven.

spring is close. and I’m excited.

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journalétude {3}


I spent most of my night analysing the folding techniques of japanese pastries since I’ve planned to make matcha brioches tomorrow.

quite obviously, by looking at the gorgeous blogs, I had a sudden urge to redesign mine; the japanese way. an old book, a couple of framed pictures, and lots of white.

I haven’t put it on yet because I need your advice. do you like it?

ps. after many minutes spent doodling the folding process, I realised it was a simple tour double. just like for puff pastry!
at least I have a cute illustration.

edit. thanks for the advices. Laura you’re just so right. I need to keep the paper boat. I didn’t know how to include it, but hopefully it works this way:

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