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(top image from the Pier cookbook)

the old lady that I am had to give up at work today after feeling so drowsy I could not even move. I could, however, think. about what makes me super happy right now.

in random order.

basil seeds. I’ve seen them everywhere over the span of a couple of days. in popsicles. on salmon carpaccio. and in my new favourite cookbook (picture above is the amazing honeydew melon soup with coconut sorbet and tapioca. love at the first sight).

books. while I’m at it, I must mention my recent favourite reads. I think I stated it pretty clearly above, but one of them is Pier by Greg Doyle. the second is Made in England by Aiden Byrne.

polaroid. and especially the fact that my polaroid spectra has the loveliest bokeh ever.

matcha bubble tea. before I even tasted one, I knew I was going to love it. and I do. so much that I just got one kg of big rainbow tapioca pearls in china town.

sweet purple yam. I still don’t know what I’m going to make out of it. but I’m pretty excited.

it seems my thoughts have geared towards food lately. I’ve been feeling overly inspired by exotic ingredients. I’m so grateful to be living my dream. being a pastry chef is beyond what I could have imagined. some call it bliss. I simply see it as evident.

what makes you happy right now? or perhaps, what are your latest culinary discoveries?

ps. in case you’re wondering, the food diary is on a break, but everything is going just fine. I think I’ll just post an update weekly so not to bore you with unexciting details about my food consumption.

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journaltwo {one}


my room is quite a mess. but instead of the planned tidy-up, I ended up staying in bed all day.

listening to beautiful music, looking at some lovely book, writing in my journal, talking to a favourite friend, eating pan-fried gnocchi, and rather evidently, looking at my feet.

the cameras on my bed will have to wait a little before they find a neat place!

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inspirationla flore des environs de paris {3}


as you may know, I have a bit of an obsession with botanical plates and herbariums. I find those neatly arranged collections very inspiring.

and I have the feeling you do too. I hence thought I would share these mind-blowing illustrations from La flore des environs de Paris, a 1776 book.

the vintage printable website is possibly my favourite of the year. and I won’t dare to count the hours that will be spent browsing through the plethora of gorgeous imaging.

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inspirationcollections {4}











yesterday, I came across this gorgeous children dictionary at a friend’s house, and found the collection panels very inspiring.

especially the minerals.

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inspirationpaper creatures {one}



(image from camilla engman)

those paper creatures from studio violet look adorable. I just can’t wait for the book!

as off right now, I also can’t wait for my bed after this twelve hour work day. luckily the latest episode of gossip girl is waiting for me on my sister’s laptop (mine still being repaired), and my mum just made a mushroom risotto.

how was your tuesday? any great finds?

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journaldimestore diamond {comments closed}




today, I had to turn my laptop in for repair. a sad coincidence is that I’m also stuck in bed due to a mean cold.

I guess I’ll spend the morning watching the dark knight, and then after a visit to the doctor, I’ll write in my journal and read a book.

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food, journalsparkling moments {one}


pain choc



I just developed my very first (well, accurately, it’s more of the second, but we don’t count the actual first one right) roll of film, and I’m in love.

the pictures are perfect. thirteen moments, stopped in time. the weekend guillaume and I spent in entrevaux was sweet and lovely.

the water passed by. we had a delicious pain au chocolat breakfast at our favourite café. then I read a swedish book (or perhaps, should I say the swedish book of the moment).

plus, have you seen how those three pictures together make the most beautiful colour gradient?


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inspiration, journaldreams, not as daft as they seem {2}

I’ve been literally stuck in bed for the past twenty-four hours due to a mean food poisoning. and although I’m starting to feel a little better, everything just seems blurry around me. just as it would in a dream.

and you do know how happy dreams make me. so here is my little happiness list for today.

• michel gondry’s movies are beautiful. I think eternal sunshine of the spotless mind might actually be my very favourite film ever; although, I must confess I really like the science of sleep as well. I’ve had it on repeat for many many hours, and I still can’t help but smile.

just listen to the very first lines of the movie:
tonight, I’ll show you how dreams are prepared. people think it’s a very simple and easy process, but it’s a bit more complicated than that.
as you can see, a very delicate combination of complex ingredients is the key. first, we put in some random thoughts. and then, we add a little bit of reminiscences of the day… mixed with some memories from the past.
that’s for two people. love, friendships, relationships… and all those ‘ships’, together with songs you heard during the day, things you saw, and also, personal… ok, I think it’s one.
there it goes. yes.

• • speaking of dreams, there is something I think about a lot, and yet don’t know how to formulate accurately. the thing is I’ve always seen my bed as a cosy raft. where all I need is reachable, and which could take me to the wildest places.

so everytime I see pictures of boats as bedding pieces – think tim walker – my dreams become a little more true. this time, anthropologie‘s catalogue just feels perfect.

• • • this beautiful secret hero of these poems necklace made by the talented duo behind lizzie fortunato totally looks like something I would make for myself.

it’s damn gorgeous, so gorgeous in fact that it does make me happy. has anybody heard of temperatures-induced aesthetics-emotion-enhancement? well, it seems that’s what I’m going through right now. it does make me a little sad though because I really wish I took more time to make jewelery. some day, perhaps.

• • • • as usual, muriel babery never fails to please me. after reading – or more accurately, savouring – her first novel, une gourmandise; I simply couldn’t resist her second book.

from the depressing statement about the pointlessness of life, I have the feeling that it might evolve into a message of hope and happiness. but, I guess I’ll have to wait until the very last pages. meanwhile, I keep writing down the sentences that touch me the most onto neat cardboard index cards.

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