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journaldébut {9}


the one question: are you going to miss him or what you two had more? as much as I didn’t want it to be this way, the answer I gave from the blue became more and more of a statement as time went by.

and for the first time, I have the opportunity to make it right and the time to take care of myself.

here is my plan to a healthy, happy me.

one. focus on the people I love and stick to them. it’s just too easy not to close. and too sad as well.

two. run to work. or at least try to. I’ve found a nice eight-week program to achieve a five kilometres jog (such a coincidence that the actual distance between flat and work matches).

three. stop being the person other people want me to be. in the end, I will just feel overwhelmed.

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journalbienvenue à bord {3}

petit navire


you know how I keep comparing my bed to a small wooden raft made cosy thanks to layers of gorgeous and colourful fabric?

well, I’ve decided I want this journal to be just as comfortable.

new name. new colours (blue stole my heart). and probably, slightly new content. I hope you like it. do tell me what you think (your opinion always seems to be appropriate, and it makes me the happiest girl ever to know how you feel like).

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