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inspirationimaginary fields {2}

all around your head


Kate says she needs more practice, but I find her calligraphy utterly perfect. in fact, I would love to have such a piece hanging on my bedroom wall right now, or maybe in the living room of the flat I’ll move into this October (can’t wait).

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inspirationso very fine {comments closed}



don’t you just love elisabeth’s collages?

there’re so pretty, and I must admit that although I am a summer lover, this one totally sets me for autumn.

see you soon my lovelies. xx

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inspirationvert et rose {one}


flower colours


the many pink flowers I came across during my recent bike promenades most definitely got me thinking about a colour combination I used to be in love with a couple of years ago: green and pink.

and then, I found this cute little house on hello sandwich.

a sweet day. now, I should probably turn my laptop off to enjoy my last hours here, in fouras.

pink house

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inspiration, journalthe perfect studio {2}




yesterday, as I was biking my way through fouras, looking for architecture eye candy, I spotted this tiny house with huge windows, and the prettiest little garden.

my kind of studio. small, with good natural light, and an outdoor space.

what does your ideal studio look like?

ps. as you might have noticed, I’ve made a couple of changes to the categories; I was tired of the abundance and thought the simpler the better.

as off today, you’ll find posts that are either about:
– food
– handmade things, from me or others
– what inspire me, from what surrounds me (including other people’s work)
– my daily life

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journalbienvenue à bord {3}

petit navire


you know how I keep comparing my bed to a small wooden raft made cosy thanks to layers of gorgeous and colourful fabric?

well, I’ve decided I want this journal to be just as comfortable.

new name. new colours (blue stole my heart). and probably, slightly new content. I hope you like it. do tell me what you think (your opinion always seems to be appropriate, and it makes me the happiest girl ever to know how you feel like).

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inspirationtheknightcat {comments closed}


as I’m on my way to the beach to cool down this hot sunny day, I have to share this new find which gets me terribly excited.

I came across this blog this morning and its many beautiful pictures totally made my day.

have a great wednesday! love.

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journala golden brown halo {comments closed}


things are starting to look better for me. I’m smiling, at last. happiness is on its way. here. and over Naomi’s terrific blog too (which, I must admit, makes me even happier)!

and look at that picture she picked for me. a perfect match. she couldn’t have chosen one closer to what I am and how I feel on a daily basis.

I’m now off for some good times. including that one pan bagna (a Niçois specialty with tuna, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, radishes, peppers, broad beans, lots of raw onions and a good drench of olive oil, yum!) that is waiting for me. xx

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journalhearts, plenty of them {comments closed}


thank you so much Ez for featuring the clouds polaroids I took this past summer. you totally made my day.

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food, journalliquid honey {comments closed}


aside from the many cakes/entremets/tarts I made at work today and the one little loaf cake I made at home, I spent most of my day sleeping, so did Pirate the cat.

cosily nested on my tummmy, around my neck, on my chest, around my arm… we looked like twins – except he snores a lot and I don’t. then I woke up for a cup of tea; and Pirate munched on some meat. good lazy times.

I guess I must have been really tired, because I got affected by the silliest story of all times. V. posted a picture of mine without giving credit. a picture I’m deeply fond of. and she wouldn’t publish or answer to my comments.
and damn, this made me sad.

but I have the feeling that after all this Pirate napping and cuddling and snoring, I don’t really mind anymore. I’m now off to browse my favourite internet reads to find pretty images to print out for my new inspiration wall.

update: dear friends, from now on, I shall tell you to get the sleep you need. it’ll avoid unnecesary and pointless drama. thanks V. for being so kind and understanding. xx

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inspiration, journalget in here {comments closed}


all of a sudden the sun went down. I had planned to clean my room – empty the closet, pack my things in labelled boxed, paint the walls. but now that it’s grey and cold, I just want to put my uggs on, and look at the pretty images of my favourite blog.

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