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journalpuzzle {7}


at times, I have so many things in my head that I feel petrified. unable to see what I want or what I should be doing. but I guess our fears are both boundaries and triggers, so let’s go for the latter.

for some time, I’ve been questioning the essence of blogging. I guess I’m not talking about foodbeam; because, there, it makes sense for me to speak about something I know.
but here, on my petit navire, it’s been feeling awkward. life is not something we can master. so really, is it possible to write about this? and if we do, what’s the point?

and yet, when I read other people’s words, they make me travel, discover unexplored parts of the world or even – and perhaps more importantly – unexplored parts of the mind.

because life may not be our core competency, but it’s something we can share with the people we love and who love us.

and I really hope that wherever you are in the world right now, this little space – pointless or not – does bring you happiness, just like my own life does.

I would very much be interested in what makes you write or read a personal blog?

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journalau revoir {2}


goodbye little floating boat. you now have a new home. hope you like it as much as I do. x

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journalétude {3}


I spent most of my night analysing the folding techniques of japanese pastries since I’ve planned to make matcha brioches tomorrow.

quite obviously, by looking at the gorgeous blogs, I had a sudden urge to redesign mine; the japanese way. an old book, a couple of framed pictures, and lots of white.

I haven’t put it on yet because I need your advice. do you like it?

ps. after many minutes spent doodling the folding process, I realised it was a simple tour double. just like for puff pastry!
at least I have a cute illustration.

edit. thanks for the advices. Laura you’re just so right. I need to keep the paper boat. I didn’t know how to include it, but hopefully it works this way:

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journallondon love {10}


I’ve been wanting this forever. a blog that will – luckily – soon look like a collection of my favourite places around town.

even though I’m really excited about this new project, I can’t help but wonder if I don’t have a couple too many blogs. sometimes, I have the feeling it would just make more sense to stuff everything into foodbeam.

please, tell me what you think about this issue…

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food, journallooking back {2}


today, I feel like exploring the past; which is quite unusual for me who much rather live in the present and dream about the future.

recent past: out visit to Ikea on the day after we arrived to London.
a pretty bad fish and chips. a sweet daim cake. a delicate gas station just outside the store. a delicious cinnamon roll to eat in the bus.

past past: this blog has gone through so many changes. design, content, name… this got me thinking about the day on which I thought I had lost the database forever. it felt both terrifying and refreshing.
sometimes, I really want to erase everything and start from an empty page.
other times, I just feel like I should give this blog a new look/name (yes, I know, again?).

do you like looking back, or are you more of a future-driven person?

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inspirationtake me there {4}

(image by Jen Gotch)

yesterday night, I left work early. around eight pm.

I slipped into bed, turned on my laptop, and browsed the internet looking for some new inspiring blogs.

I even found some old favourites back, like pictures and pancakes and my polaroid blog. instant crush, I don’t know how I manage to keep on living after incidentally deleting all the feeds from my reader.

do you have any blog recommendations? I’m looking for people with a passion for food and analogue photography.

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inspirationalong the way {3}

comfort zone

(picture by notebookdoodles)

I’m just dropping by real quick after an amazing first day of work at the Capital hotel restaurant (two michelin stars, my friends, are high maintenance) to show you my latest crush.

notebookdoodles, found via Marthe‘s blog advent calendar, is a gorgeous little blog.

and yes, somewhere along the way HE became my comfort zone. I didn’t see it coming. surprise!

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inspirationdeerlings {2}



I think I might have found my most favourite blog ever. deerlings. Lola knows how to make it feel right.

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inspirationpaper creatures {one}



(image from camilla engman)

those paper creatures from studio violet look adorable. I just can’t wait for the book!

as off right now, I also can’t wait for my bed after this twelve hour work day. luckily the latest episode of gossip girl is waiting for me on my sister’s laptop (mine still being repaired), and my mum just made a mushroom risotto.

how was your tuesday? any great finds?

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inspirationwall paper {comments closed}

lena wallpaper


have you seen the amazing wallpaper Lena created for design*sponge? I already have mine.

get it here! quick.

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