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journalune coccinelle {2}


to me, a ladybug landing on you means that you have to make a wish. so when I spotted this one on my bike – minutes after I got it – I knew everything was going to be fine.

do you believe in signs?

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journalnew {3}


three new things that make me happy.

one. the fantastic polaroid spectra, or more accurately, a minolta instant pro. this is my (only and) very first shot. I’m in love, already.

two. some illustrations I made for foodbeam. drawing feels like kissing, for hours.

three. the bridge that I cross every night. the view from my bike is just breath-taking. I love riding back and forth to work. such a lovely moment.

any happy list to share?

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journalride {3}


today I’ll be looking for a bicycle, then possibly biking to this fair and stopping on the way to sip through a coffee while reading being and the nothingness.

in fact, I’ve finally started enjoying being by myself. no limits, just happiness.

what are your plans for today?

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journalpromenade {2}






fort lapointe



yesterday I went on a bike promenade across the marais [morass (?)]. with my camera and enough water to keep on riding for a solid hour.

I took a little path, met some cows and a pretty escargot [snail]. at the end of the road sat a small fortress. I really wish I had the keys because it looked pretty pretty.

as soon as I got back home, I couldn’t wait to edit the pictures I had just taken. I just wanted to give them an old film look. this is usually not something I’m in love with – I heart film too much to produce fakes -, but this time, I felt like experiencing.

I must admit I’m smitten with how these turn out. so smitten in fact, that I’ve put up a sweet how-to together. nothing fancy, just a couple of comparison shots. and a link to the greatest analog-like picture creator software.

now, I’m going to make the most of the short (not so) sunny interval by going for a walk with my little sister. this time it’s going to be about house spying.

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