I wish I had more time to do a proper round up of all that happened this past week, but I have to run to nice to catch a boat for corsica.

yes, you read right. a week off. to corsica.

I hope the weather is going to be great because we are going camping. I’m really looking forward to it, although I must admit I’m going to miss the daily emails, as well as my much-needed dose of blog-reading.

just because I love you very very much, here are two things that totally made my day.

• this stunning picture that shows the work of one of my high-school friends, avril loufrani. she’s a designer and I’m quite addicted to pretty much everything she comes up with.

• • I had to get some secret presents ready. one of them was a collection of three polaroids that says fanny hearts you. oh yes I do!

have a fun week. xxx

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