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food, journalthe weekender {comments closed}


pince a linge


chestnut at the shop



christmas tree


chestnuts bag



here is a visual (and chronological) summary of the twenty four hour week end Guillaume and I spent in Saorge, a tiny village just a couple of kilometres away from the Italian border.

I really wish I had taken more pictures.

it was such a special week end. on the night we arrived we were invited to an indie concert in an abandoned house.

the next day, we woke up to the sun and stay in bed for an hour or two, laughing and kissing. and then, the chestnut hunt begun.

oh Saorge, I love you. really, I’ve never seen a place that’s so out of actual timeline. it just feels like we’re back to the seventies. xo

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journalblur {2}

fog road


bland flowers


as promised here are a couple of pictures from friday’s road trip to the mountains.

I spent time taking pictures of the pretty mountain flowers, and collecting pine cones for a christmas advent calendar project.


but I must have felt something because as soon as I reached my car, a lightning bolt flashed close to the road. it was a surreal experience to see the flash and hear the rumble at the same time.

one thing is for sure. the girl will not go back to the mountains by herself. luckily, she has mountain friendly friends. in facts she spent the following week end near the Italian border, in the Alps.

what did you do this week end? I picked chestnuts with my boyfriend and did so much more, but I shall save some for tomorrow’s post. xx

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food, journaldays {one}


pumpkin pie


my boyfriend made a pumpkin pie with me this past week end (by the way, cheers to the great hard drive revival).

he didn’t like it. sad. I loved it. happy.

have a pretty week end. xx

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journalone more chance {5}




after – what feels like – days and days of hard (six am to six pm) work, I’ve finally gotten the chance to settle in my bed on this saturday morning to tell you the good news.

1. guillaume will be taking his BTM (advanced pastry diploma) this upcoming monday, and he’s lucky enough to have me as a commis.
2. the days are getting shorter. and it’s been heavily pouring for the past few days.
3. thunder and lightnings woke me up last night. oh autumn, I love you.

so we still have a lot to do for his exam. recipe cards, organisation… and SO much more. hence the quietness around here for the upcoming week end. hope it will be an exciting one for you.

I’ll see you next week with a daily feature about my favourite blogs. x

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journalI don’t want anything more {2}





do you see what is coming? I do. and I’m excited. love xo.

ps. thanks for the sweet comments on my last posts. you guys gave me so many more reasons to love autumn.

uggs. I mean uggs. my absolute favourite shoes for the indoor and the outdoor.

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journalan acorn rain {7}




to me autumn is mainly about acorns and rain. or perhaps, more generally, about nature changes.

so you can imagine how happy I was when the two of them decided to cross my path on this perfectly lazy sunday.

a couple of acorns, and a loud thunderstorm.

now, I’m curious… what makes autumn your favourite season?

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inspirationle début {2}



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although I’m, litteraly, just back from my adventurous weekend getaway, I can’t help but drop by for some september celebration.

happy september everyone. xo

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journalan early autumn {one}

early autumn


yesterday, if it wasn’t for the thirty-two celsius degrees temperature, I could have believed autumn was here already.

it’s all about the light. mutted tones. and yellow colours.

oh, autumn, I’m waiting for you and your rainy days, filled with cookie-baking, scarf-knitting, and cosy boyfriend-snuggling.

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food, journalpicking figs {4}

first figs

pretty pinecone


today, after I dropped my second and third rolls of film to develop, I thought I could go and check on the secret figs trees that grow in a hidden abandoned backyard.

just in case. and it must have been my lucky day because:
• there they were. figs. plenty of them.
•• this does accurately mean that autumn is on its way.

I’m the happiest girl. ever. now, please cross your fingers for my rolls of film.

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wishlistrainy days {one}

although it’s still super*hot around here, I’ve somehow been in an autumnal mood lately. wishing for rainy days, hot chocolate, and gum boots walks.

here are two things that could make the upcoming season even better.

• new ugg boots. perhaps in grey. with a button, but without would do just as perfectly.


•• pretty cases to carry my laptop and iPod around. now, if only hard graft did some nice camera bags. any recommendations for sophisticated yet simple ones?

hard graft

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