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food, journalrecently {2}


a new month begins. in thirty days I will turn twenty-five. I’m still undecided for my wishlist. I just know I want something bold to remember what a long way I have come.

recently, I have – in alphabetical order:

one. made apple tarts.
two. eaten a warm salad of beetroot and goat cheese.
three. molded a dark chocolate bar and sprinkled it with with maldon sea salt.
four. seen the roses Guillaume gave me for our first anniversary getting dry.
five. spotted some blooming flowers in hyde park.
six. dreamed about actual floating lamps.
seven. loved this laundry string.
eight. thought that red and green is pretty.
nine. taken a walk on a sunny morning.
ten. felt overwhelmed by the building around trafalgar square.

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journallast {4}


just like the first picture of a roll, the very last can offer some surprises.

standing in front of a photo lab, not knowing what to photograph to finish my roll and get it developed, I looked up, and snapped this building, which structure I love.

things happened in such sort that there wasn’t enough space for this picture; hence the overlap with the previous one, and the redish line on the far end.

instant love. not to mention that small spot.

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journalthe pink house {3}


how was your monday? mine was packed.

with Aïda and our endless laughs.
with noodles.
with the littlest snowflakes.
with delicious pastries from Sketch.

hello monday is a new – hopefully – weekly feature to make us happy and grateful for the week to come.

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journalbasic {4}


a couple of days ago, Guillaume and I had that discussion about what are the basic needs we both have. he helped a lot with mine, and we found five points.

one. have a boyfriend.
two. be visually inspired.
three. shop for food, then cook and take pictures.
four. explore the world and talk about it on the internet.
five. smoke cigarettes.

if he wants to I could share his five points as well.
what are your basic needs?

ps. I really really like that picture of him. I think it quite defines his very essence. in fact, our very essence.

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journalelephant twelve houses {3}

elephant cupcake


london house


dear friends, first off let me tell you how happy I am to have you all.

your response to the latest post – and our new HOME (love love to say this, sounds like music to my ears) – was amazing and made us so so so happy. so do the following three things:

one. getting to make cupcakes and pretty cakes for a photshoot. this also means working from 5pm to who knows when, but I could do anything for flour and sugar.

two. walking through our gorgeous neighbourhood while sipping a delicious latte from the hummingbird bakery.

three. going home and finding how cosy our flat is.

love. x fanny

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inspirationvert et rose {one}


flower colours


the many pink flowers I came across during my recent bike promenades most definitely got me thinking about a colour combination I used to be in love with a couple of years ago: green and pink.

and then, I found this cute little house on hello sandwich.

a sweet day. now, I should probably turn my laptop off to enjoy my last hours here, in fouras.

pink house

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journalyou have crossed the river styx {comments closed}


if I had to make a wish, it’d be to have the ability to live in london – all year round. my last visit was great and I’m so looking forward the next time I’ll have a few days off, only to fly north.

this building is only a few steps away from D.’s house and every time we walked by I couldn’t help falling in love with it, all over again.

have a sweet sunday. xo

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journaland I couldn’t tell the difference between me and you {2}


these two pictures belong together. I love them. and how blurry the first one is. sometimes having a broken lens is sort of exciting.

I could sleep forever these days, because in my dreams I see you again.

in my dreams, I would also live in a gorgeous blue house like this one. just a few miles away from D.’s house and central London.

I guess you can tell I’m still in love with bloc party. their music, their lyrics. breath-taking. somehow, you might also tell from the broken sentences and random thoughts that I’m almost sleeping right now.
I’m super happy because I get to spend the entire day with my favourite *coworker* tomorrow. we’re going to make pretty objects for the launch of la moustache, our small design workshop!

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