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food, journalle goûter {5}


sometimes, I just want to stop shaving my legs, pack my cameras into a backpack and put a warm chilean hat on. I would escape to a place I’ve never been to and open my eyes. I would live on water and figs.

some other times, I just want to share a slice of cake with my friends. for le goûter. sat down on some rock stairs, we would laugh a bit too much and talk for hours about our dreams.

right now, I have two dreams. the first one is stated above. and the second one would be to open a patisserie in a small village of the south of France.

what are your dreams?

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food, journalinstant like {3}


inspired by Marthe, I put together a short list of current likes. in random order.

a large mug of cafe latte.
the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
a collection of things.
my favourite face in the entire world.
growing plants, preferably edible.
the elegance of the hedgehog.
a blank moleskine, waiting to be filled.
going mushroom picking.
a walk to the tate modern.
or even better, a bike ride.
spending time with a friend who draws beautifully.
an old pentax me super.
making a lemon meringue tart for the people I love.
a glass of sirop d’orgeat, possibly with a pink straw.
welcoming autumn. slowly.
a good song. from bloc party, nada surf, snow patrol or air.

what do you like the most right now?

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journalhier {2}


along with every new season that comes, some images become less and less blurry.

bright red cherries, endless nights, hot white sand, splashes of sea water, glasses of golden-coloured wine.

I love summer.

I only wish I was living closer to my three favourite girls of the universe, whose names coincidentally all start with an A. because to me, a summer is not one without them. x

what makes you fall in love with summer?

ps. totally unrelated, but I think it’s safe to say that my favourite lunch ever is: avocado + tomatoes + spring onions + red chillies + coriander + lemon juice + prawns. love love love.

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journalmake a wish {2}


recently, I’ve found myself to embrace the unexpected. and now, instead of fighting to make things happen, I’m taking it slow.

it’s like making a wish, then forgetting about it, only to realise it has become true.

wishes are beautiful and make our world a little bit better.

getting a roll of film developed does as well. now, if only I had the time. and while I’m at it, my latest roll got accidentally rewinded. double exposure surprise.

I am excited!

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journaldébut {9}


the one question: are you going to miss him or what you two had more? as much as I didn’t want it to be this way, the answer I gave from the blue became more and more of a statement as time went by.

and for the first time, I have the opportunity to make it right and the time to take care of myself.

here is my plan to a healthy, happy me.

one. focus on the people I love and stick to them. it’s just too easy not to close. and too sad as well.

two. run to work. or at least try to. I’ve found a nice eight-week program to achieve a five kilometres jog (such a coincidence that the actual distance between flat and work matches).

three. stop being the person other people want me to be. in the end, I will just feel overwhelmed.

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journalthe moustache {5}


this monday has been tough on me despite a somewhat late – eight am – wake-up time, a bright sun, and a walk through hyde park with Guillaume.

to be completely honest and accurate, I am exhausted.

quite happily, I found a moustache on the sidewalk. reminding me of my best friend Anna-Sarah, and the amazing times we spent together laughing, making things, and eating. I miss her.

enjoy this last winter week. on my side of the world, it’s pretty much going to be about slowing down and making the most of every moment.

one remedy: the stash of polaroid film that got delivered today. I’m thrilled! it’s almost been ten months since I last had some on my hands.

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