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journalthe last day {7}

peanut top











although most of the day got spent on stuff-packing (yes, we are finally moving to London – like TOMORROW) – which I don’t particularly enjoy (and that’s and understatement) – we had the best surprises.

a new member of the family. please welcome Mister Peanut, possibly the sweetest bunny ever.

a gorgeous poster sent all the way from Sweden. oh yes, that one, made by Elisabeth for Studio Violet.

a pretty pile of lost polaroid pictures that will go straight onto our Kensington-flat naked walls.

a white guirlande, for the tree we’re planning on buying tomorrow night. any tips for buying Christmas trees in London? please.

an amazing one-colour-a-month Moleskine daily diary. I just can’t wait for 2010 to begin! let’s not rush though.

hope you had lovely surprises too on this Friday that marks a new beginning for me. I might not be able to post for a while, but I’ll make sure to think about you every day.

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inspirationbonne nuit {comments closed}

bebe rat

(picture by Jessica Florence)

I think I might have spent too much time on the internet today and have so many things to talk about / to show you. it makes me happy (dizzy too, from too much computer staring).

anyway, I now really want a pet rat. so adorable. this picture actually made my day (plus the brilliant flat acquisition).

what did make you day? nighty night. x

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inspiration, journal, wishlistla foire {one}



(image by yvette)

this set of four happy pictures would look perfect in the flat Guillaume and I are going to move into in less than a fortnight.

papers are signed, we’ll just have to wait another couple of days until we’re set. fingers crossed!


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journaleveryday I take my time {comments closed}




I somehow meant to talk about the weekend we spent in the mountains and that happened to last – sligtly – more than five days (since some rocks blocked the road, leaving stuck up there for an extra couple of days).

then time got in the way. so did paperworks.

moving to another country is exciting. opening an international bank account isn’t.

anyway, I shall be sharing the weekender edition soonish.x

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inspirationsquirrel love {one}



(image from sarah)

raul the squirrel = instant love. that’s it for today.

ps. thanks for the amazing response to my last post. I now have a looooong list of artists to discover or re-discover. really: thank you.

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inspirationbébé {2}


bebe colour palette


I was looking through the pictures from my recent trip to fouras, and came across these two little bébés cows.

it reminded me how much fun we had walking them from the road back to their enclos. they were indeed two funny guys who thought it’s be exciting to visit the surrounding countryside.

gold and blue do make the prettiest colours, don’t you think? especially with the slightly aqua-ish tones.

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inspirationmorran love {comments closed}



Morran recently got her life-size portrait printed. she looks adorable and so does the print, but then as Camilla said: ‘how could it not be with such a great model?’.

thanks for putting a huge smile on my face Camilla. I love morning happiness.

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inspiration, journalthe monkey on your back is the latest trend {one}

somehow, I really feel like doing more and more totally pointless-and-random posts like that one I wrote the other day from the bottom of my favourite duvet cover. and yet, I’d find it strange to give up the old and much-loved images :::::: words.
not so fundamental, right?

anyway, I’m downright tired since I worked for twelve hours, with a bare three-hour sleeping time due to some late night hanging out with a special someone; but I thought I’d share some images from the past couple of days, which have been exciting.

• this little person. a baby donkey. he totally made my day. he was so soft and cuddly I could have spent my entire life around him.
I love the way some animals clearly stand out as secret-keepers and love-givers. he was one of them.

• • while I don’t like gardening I find that taking pictures of flowers is an intensely soothing activity. and everytime I spot dandelions, I can’t help but think about the fantasia movie. speaking of fantasia, we also watched the neverending story yesterday. it was epic. love.

• • • I got to sleep with my favourite person ever – namely, aïda, my sister – and yes, we do make crazy and totally unshowable faces when we wake up, especially when attacked by a bright camera flash.
I know this is probably silly, but I have a special fondness for portraits that don’t show the usual prettiness. we had such a laugh, I want this memory to be locked on paper. yes, this exact moment when our faces became distorted, our eyes started crying, and our giggles could be heard from the mountains.

• • • • I’ve just been adding some pictures and other things onto my wall. I think I’ll photograph the process to see how it will evolve from the almost-blank wall that stands right in front of me.

have a nice week-end. xx

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journalthree twenty-four {comments closed}


apparently almost a week went by since I last talked to you. but I have extremely good reasons. the pâtisserie has been busy. I have to take care of a five-month old cat, which is oh-so-sweet but also dam good at hide-and seek. I bought a terrific semi-pro printer to finally make some of my pictures available through my shop. I’ve restlessy scanned and printed some pretty polaroids. me and my bestfriend set up a new etsy shop, la moustache.

can’t wait to show you all the beautiful prints I’ve made today. xxx

ps. don’t you just love the new shop banner? I do. kites are the thing. I would normally put a picture, but it would mean that I need to open illustrator, and I have a hot bowl of homemade mushroom soup waiting for me.

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