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food, journalinstant like {3}


inspired by Marthe, I put together a short list of current likes. in random order.

a large mug of cafe latte.
the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
a collection of things.
my favourite face in the entire world.
growing plants, preferably edible.
the elegance of the hedgehog.
a blank moleskine, waiting to be filled.
going mushroom picking.
a walk to the tate modern.
or even better, a bike ride.
spending time with a friend who draws beautifully.
an old pentax me super.
making a lemon meringue tart for the people I love.
a glass of sirop d’orgeat, possibly with a pink straw.
welcoming autumn. slowly.
a good song. from bloc party, nada surf, snow patrol or air.

what do you like the most right now?

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journalhier {2}


along with every new season that comes, some images become less and less blurry.

bright red cherries, endless nights, hot white sand, splashes of sea water, glasses of golden-coloured wine.

I love summer.

I only wish I was living closer to my three favourite girls of the universe, whose names coincidentally all start with an A. because to me, a summer is not one without them. x

what makes you fall in love with summer?

ps. totally unrelated, but I think it’s safe to say that my favourite lunch ever is: avocado + tomatoes + spring onions + red chillies + coriander + lemon juice + prawns. love love love.

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journalher {3}


she writes beautiful words. she has the one smile. she is the funniest person I have ever met. she dances until the sun comes down.

she is my sister. and I love her more than letters can say.

she’s a diamond. and I’m damn lucky to hang out with her.

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food, journalhmmm {2}


tasting Pierre Hermé’s macarons with Aïda.

found these two pictures on my latest roll. and I love them despite the weird colours.

sometimes, like today, everything just feels right. I woke up early, had time for a nice breakfast. work was great, with a lot of afternoon tea mise en place, some choux making, and jam pots wrapping. I’m home early, Guillaume is making us crêpes for dinner.

and the sun is sticking this time. see, it. just. feels. RIGHT.

what makes you feel right today? and for those of you who are lucky enough, have a lovely weekend!

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food, journaldreaming {2}


getting back to work was kind of exhausting, especially after the week Aïda and I spent exploring London.

right now, I dream about a walk through hyde park, a box of pierre hermé’s macarons, and an afternoon spent working on my book.

right now, I have the most gem of a boyfriend, some macarons to make at work, and a couple of posts to write for foodbeam.

what are your dreams?

ps. thank you so much for all your suggestions to my last post. I heart you!

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journalthe pink house {3}


how was your monday? mine was packed.

with Aïda and our endless laughs.
with noodles.
with the littlest snowflakes.
with delicious pastries from Sketch.

hello monday is a new – hopefully – weekly feature to make us happy and grateful for the week to come.

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journalmore {one}


here is the one cloud, pictured with the pentax.

this got me thinking about why I love film so much. perhaps it’s excitation preceding the surprise I have every time I pick up a developed roll.

today, I’m also pretty excited to pick up Aïda – my sister – from the airport. fun week ahead!

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handmade, journal, wishlistbright {one}





today, I found my very favourite lipstick. green turns hot pink when in contact with the lips. it has followed me everywhere for years.

it made me smile.

but the crazier thing of those last twenty-four hours has to be the heart-shaped yoghurt spot my sister got on the cheek after I whipped my yoghurt-filled teaspoon on her (one of my favourite games). not so coincidental. I love her.

after this painful laugh, I had to calm down, and in my book nothing beats knitting for this. I’m looking forward to the day I’ll receive those yarns to make guillaume a manly-man scarf.

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