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the one perfect bag. at least for right now. a proenza shoulder ps1.

just the right size to carry a laptop, and a couple of cameras. I think I really want it.

could you recommend some other inspiring bags? I also really like the latest hardgraft.

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bow (by heidifurre), testing out the calligraphy tools (by kate), nobility (by kate), *’_’* (by .bu).

I want a tattoo: on the inner wrist, with my own handwriting, and possibly a small drawing. most definitely with a handmade feel.

does anyone have good recommendation for a tattoo parlour in London? oh please say yes.
I have been waiting for this tattoo for so long, and now I’ve found what I want to write on my skin, it is simply the right time.

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city change + new flat = interior design folie.

toast a/w home collection
oozes cosiness. whisper words like rugs, hottie, slippers and socks, and you’ll make me the happiest girl.

yeah to winter!


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wishlistkrakatoa {one}


(image by Elisabeth)

ok, I had to wait until the actual date to post this, since I really wanted to get one myself.

the most gorgeous poster ever, by Elisabeth, is going on sale today! run. now.

ps. and it’s perfect with this white RIBBA frame from Ikea.

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inspiration, journal, wishlistla foire {one}



(image by yvette)

this set of four happy pictures would look perfect in the flat Guillaume and I are going to move into in less than a fortnight.

papers are signed, we’ll just have to wait another couple of days until we’re set. fingers crossed!


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wishlistairmail {one}

kate spade


here are a few favourites from kate spade‘s latest collection. I just couldn’t resist…

now I just need to find a retailer.

does anyone know where to buy kate spade in London? please, pretty please.

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inspiration, wishlistmieke willems {comments closed}

mieke willems


Veronik and Mieke’s shop is full of favourites. I can’t wait to move into my new flat to palce some orders.

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wishlisttape {comments closed}




I’m quite looking forward to the day Hiki will stock up her adorable shop with masking tape.

in fact, I just can’t wait.

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today, I found my very favourite lipstick. green turns hot pink when in contact with the lips. it has followed me everywhere for years.

it made me smile.

but the crazier thing of those last twenty-four hours has to be the heart-shaped yoghurt spot my sister got on the cheek after I whipped my yoghurt-filled teaspoon on her (one of my favourite games). not so coincidental. I love her.

after this painful laugh, I had to calm down, and in my book nothing beats knitting for this. I’m looking forward to the day I’ll receive those yarns to make guillaume a manly-man scarf.

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wishlistrainy days {one}

although it’s still super*hot around here, I’ve somehow been in an autumnal mood lately. wishing for rainy days, hot chocolate, and gum boots walks.

here are two things that could make the upcoming season even better.

• new ugg boots. perhaps in grey. with a button, but without would do just as perfectly.


•• pretty cases to carry my laptop and iPod around. now, if only hard graft did some nice camera bags. any recommendations for sophisticated yet simple ones?

hard graft

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