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the card pretty much says it all. no pictures tomorrow since I’ll be in Nice all day. as a side note, I promise to comit more to PoIC. it’s such a useful system, I need to truly act upon it.

see you on friday my friends xx

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I’ve always loved kate’s illustrations. to me, she’s the greatest. her style is unique and fun and so very delicate. so it seemed obvious I would pick her shop as the place where I’d buy my very first piece of art.

I’m so happy I did. the print looks gorgeous; and now I can’t wait to have finished re-decorating my bedroom so I can proudly hang it to my wall.

perfect. thank you kate!

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after I found out about shanna and betsy’s new paperie, I couldn’t help but wish I could produce delicate calligraphy.

however, my writing skills aren’t anything like betsy‘s, so I thought I’d share my favourite digital fonts. definitely not as good as the real thing, but well, they can turn out to be cheap, and easy and quick to use.

just click on the images above to download the fonts via dafont.

journal, uncategorisedthree seventeen {one}


today is a special day for many reasons. some of them being pretty obvious. happy voting us people.

on my side of the world, I enjoyed catching up with my favourite blogs and putting this image collection together. sweet.
I also spent a lot of time knitting myself a new scarf. can’t wait for it to be finished.

and I bought three linen canvases. hopefully I’ll have more time to paint when my room make-over will be done. fingers crossed.

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uncategoriseda wordless collection {one}


beautiful images from some of my very favourite blogs. make yourself comfy, and please head over my friends’ to say hello.

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due to the heavy rains, we had a major power cut today. four hours. in the dark.

I was at the pâtisserie, so we just hung out, speaking silly and playing cards; since we couldn’t make anything pastry-related. ovens down. mixers down… fun day.

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journal, uncategorisedthree fifteen {one}


lazy day filled with hugs and kyle xy-ing with my sweet little sister. a perfect sunday. xxx

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inspiration, uncategorised0010 {comments closed}

0001/ shi yuan turns paint into a heat-reactive component.

0002/ this picture from benjamin.

0003/ ana is like the cherry on top.

0004/ marks.

0005/ paper cranes.

0006/ love, church and state.

0007/ paris rooftops.

0008/ home.

0009/ trois d.

0010/ molly’s delicate food polaroids.

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spent the last couple of days in Nice. under the rain. I was supposed to stay there a day longer, but the weather was so bad, I felt sad for my cat Pirate. so I headed home and he was so happy to see me he kept following me around the house.

he slept with me. purring the whole time.

after two days spent without the internet, it felt good to read my favourite blogs again, sipping homemade avocado milkshake.
have you ever noticed how avocado has the earthiness of pumpkin and smooth roundness of banana?

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