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uncategorisedunintentionally {one}


a squash pretends to be an acorn. the pavement hides underneath a thick carpet of golden leaves. some chestnuts tarts are being made.

a collection of small happenings that – unintentionally – celebrate the new season.

it’s been one of those days today. a day where the only camera worth photographing with rhymes with impossible and the only music worth listening to involves raindrops.

tomorrow, I’m back to work. with too many side-projects in mind. projects like gathering foliage for an herbarium, finishing my application to the awards of excellence, photographing what surrounds me, writing love lettres, finding the perfect coat, or creating pâtisserie e-courses for foodbeam.

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uncategorisedtwo thousand nine {one}


I simply couldn’t resist. here is a sneak peek of the two thousand nine calendar I’ve been working on lately. polaroids. clouds. handwritting. black lines. I like it.

hopefully you’ll lke it too.

uncategorisedneue {comments closed}

a couple of blogs I’ve just added to google reader. hope you’ll like them as much as I do.

uncategorisedbackwards {comments closed}

as I was reading marion’s blog, I stumbled upon this. which made this realise that my birthday is in exactly six months. or twenty-two weeks.

twenty-two things to make/do.

one. draw daily. random, meaningless, ugly. it doesn’t matter.
two. print my pictures using my newly-acquired semi-pro A3 printer.
three. finish making the headbands I started working on.
four. find my wacom tablet pen (must have gotten lost in my car).
five. publish a blurb books with the ‘we used to be happy’ illustrations I made a couple of months ago.
six. scan my polaroids.
seven. put an album of the daily sky polaroids together.
eight. take more pictures of the sky and draw over them using illustrator.
nine. make Christmas cards.
ten. give my portfolio a new look.
eleven. work on la moustache with anna-sarah.
twelve. paint my bedroom.
thirteen. make a long fabric garland.
fourteen. find out what I need to do to set up a business in France.
fifteen. figure out what I want to do next year.
sixteen. post more often on my blogs.
seventeen. clean my hard drive.
eighteen. pretend I can make your dreams come true. for one day.
nineteen. paint a diptych.
twenty. find my style and stick to it. not enough time to get distracted.
twenty-one. read haruki murakami’s the hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world.
twenty-two. eat healthily and local.

uncategorisednoël deux {comments closed}


a perfect day. a long night was slept through. many cups of cold coffee latte were drank. a couple of moist and fruity christmas cakes were made. an episode of gossip girl was watched. lots of words were exchanged with my dearest friends.

ps. step by step recipe to come on foodbeam soon!

uncategorisednoël un {comments closed}


christmas is just twenty-four short days ahead. and I’m damn excited.

can’t wait!

as a side – sad – note, I’ve lost the pen that comes with my wacom. need to find it soonish because I had planned to draw a lot this upcoming week.
sébastien is still sitting in our living room and I love it a little more every second.

anyway, today was the first sunny day in – what I feel like – ages. and as I came back home I noticed my mum had changed the usual clay sculptures I made as a child for christmas-appropriate ones.

uncategorisedsébastien {one}


it’s not quite 2009 yet, but I’ve made up my mind about something – I feel is – important. I will no longer seek recognition. in any way, any form.

as a first step, I grabbed my brushes and paint tubes, and decided to paint again. no matter how ugly or random the outcome might be.

I had a life-size portrait of sébastien tellier in mind, and well, I do think the finished canvas captures the very essence of the singer. plus, this is going to make a great gift for christmas (are you as excited as I am?).

a perfect rainy sunday afternoon.

uncategorisedljus {comments closed}


eggnog reminescence. Christmas tree adoration. hypnotic poison.

I’m not quite sure why I love fairy-lights so much, but all that matters is that they make me feel relaxed and happy.
you should most defnitely try. to me, they’re the second best way to calm down; closely following a gentle neck massage/tickling.

uncategorisedlittle monsters like rain {comments closed}

this past night was the most perfect night ever. first, I feel asleep with a ceiling of blinking fairy-lights over my head. then, I woke up only to find out I still had three hours of sleep ahead. at which point, I started hearing rain drops hitting my window.

I don’t want to sound cheesy, but I can feel Christmas in the air; and this gets me super*thrilled. just as the polaroids I’m currently printing with my new favourite toy – or more acuurately: printer.

uncategorisedintimacy {comments closed}

sad news. as you might have guess I’ve been busy*busy lately. hopefully, I’ll have a little more time this week, plus many exciting news to share.

and since I’m talking excitement, I must admit I’m thrilled to be featured in the guardian. yeah!

oh and I’m also super in love with bloc party’s latest album. the more I listen to it, the more smitten I get. do check it out.