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day one of vanilla extract making. hopefully, I’ll document this on foodbeam.

I had been dreaming of producing my very own vanilla loveliness for a long time. too long in fact. make this my first achievement for Elsie’s simple goals project.

one. make vanilla extract.
two. eat healthily.
three. draw more.
four. find out what I really want to do.

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today’s to-do list makes me feel happy.

one. make soft trees (picture by Shanna Murray) using this perfect pattern. I’m thinking of a combination of white, cream, brown and red.

two. make cookies (picture by Heidi Swanson). perhaps with pumpkin, a touch of cinnamon and crushed daims. yum!

three. finish the fabric garland I started a year ago. I want it huge so I can hang it on the ceiling of our new flat.

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I must admit I fell in love with Sandra’s wrist worms a long time ago. sadly, I’m quite short on money these days, since I have to save all extra cash for the soon-to-be move to another city.

so I thought I should try to use the crochet I found with the needles my great-grand-mother handed me down. just to check wether I could make myself some crocheted mittens.

a crochet + a yarn from my recent scarf project = not as tricky as I thought it would be.

I just made a couple of rows since I will need the wool to finish my scarf, but I think it does look cute as a bracelet too, don’t you?


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fly away


a couple of things I’m going to do this special week end.

1. seat at a cafe terrasse and get as many diabolos kiwi as humanly possible.
2. read, read, read.
3. knit the knits, and purls the purls.
4. hike to the most gorgeous cascade.
5. swim in ice-cold waters.
6. be happy.

hope you’re having a blast. if not, please, please, feel free to use my very own hot-air balloon for fun times. see you on wednesday. xx

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today, I found my very favourite lipstick. green turns hot pink when in contact with the lips. it has followed me everywhere for years.

it made me smile.

but the crazier thing of those last twenty-four hours has to be the heart-shaped yoghurt spot my sister got on the cheek after I whipped my yoghurt-filled teaspoon on her (one of my favourite games). not so coincidental. I love her.

after this painful laugh, I had to calm down, and in my book nothing beats knitting for this. I’m looking forward to the day I’ll receive those yarns to make guillaume a manly-man scarf.

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this is somewhat of a real-time post. I’m home, and painting pretty dinosaurs to decorate my newly white-walled bedroom.

dinosaur love. just what I need.

this is so unperfect. so unfinished. and yet, I like it. hope you do too. xo

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a fortnight ago, Anna-Sarah came over to my house and we had the most exciting things-making session. we could not stop new ideas from popping. and we just had to materialise them, then take pictures of the objects and process.

my favourite might be the gorgeous ostrich feathers hair adornment; with golden sequins, cream tulle and a flower made of folded a gold ribbon (not shown here since we were trying the tulle/sequins first). or maybe it’s the lovely marine-inspired earring I made.

leather thread. blue crab. pretty feathers. and brown coral.

but I must admit, I have a weak spot for the hair comb Anna-Sarah made. I simply can’t resist a Spring breeze in my hair.

now I just need to get everything ready before we can finally open our shop. keep your fingers crossed for me . please.

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right now, I love writing words with fluo orange thread. you’ll soon find out what this is supposed to look like.

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I’m almost sleeping, but before diving into my wild dreams, I had to tell you what a happy day today has been.

probably close to perfect. Anna-Sarah came over. we had red wine and braised lentils for lunch. illustration and things-making for dessert. pretty sweet.

here is the drawing I made. I really really like it. feathers are gorgeous. and I’m now off to bed. xx

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I might be the greatest broken record of all times, but damn, time has flown by really fast lately. not a second was spent on the computer – which means a lot about how busy I am at the moment.

hopefully I’ll finally be able to share a few of my recent favourites tomorrow (and finish my two thousand nine calendar!) since I have a day off. and while I’m talking about my day job, I must admit I’m pretty excited about how much work we have at the moment. Christmas defintely is one of the busiest periods for pâtisseries and I just loved making thousands of bûches, entremets and tarts.

anyway, here are some doodles I drew, scanned and illustrator-ed. hope they set you in the mood for snow-walking, knitting and pretzel-munching!