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day one of vanilla extract making. hopefully, I’ll document this on foodbeam.

I had been dreaming of producing my very own vanilla loveliness for a long time. too long in fact. make this my first achievement for Elsie’s simple goals project.

one. make vanilla extract.
two. eat healthily.
three. draw more.
four. find out what I really want to do.

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today’s grey weather and light rain have pushed me into a much-loved state of cosiness.

wrapped into a warm wool cardigan, I crossed the street to buy some eggs and milk. crêpe time!

crêpes are the ultimate comfort food for me. and the recollection of my dad making them by the stove while my mum, sister and I were longing in front of our plates might have had an impact.
definitely, a part of our happy family.

what’s your favourite comfort food? and mostly, why?

ps. for the record, here is my go-to recipe. never fails to please hungry friends. in a bowl, mix 300g of flour, a pinch of salt, and two eggs. then gradually add 500g of milk. mixing well after every addition. finally, incorporate a small glass of water to thin up the batter slightly.
cook into a hot pan, making sure you grease it with a little butter every now and then

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sometimes, I just like to pause and explore the surroundings. the energy. the precision. and the passion. it’s so beautiful it all seems like a dream.

patisserie, check on! and there. I wake up and get the desserts ready. service please, table eleven!

what leaves you dreamy about your job?

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a new month begins. in thirty days I will turn twenty-five. I’m still undecided for my wishlist. I just know I want something bold to remember what a long way I have come.

recently, I have – in alphabetical order:

one. made apple tarts.
two. eaten a warm salad of beetroot and goat cheese.
three. molded a dark chocolate bar and sprinkled it with with maldon sea salt.
four. seen the roses Guillaume gave me for our first anniversary getting dry.
five. spotted some blooming flowers in hyde park.
six. dreamed about actual floating lamps.
seven. loved this laundry string.
eight. thought that red and green is pretty.
nine. taken a walk on a sunny morning.
ten. felt overwhelmed by the building around trafalgar square.

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today was my first time with many things.

one. I shared pictures of my work at the Capital Hotel on foodbeam.
two. I heard the thunder and saw lightnings through my window.
three. I took a walk at six pm and the sun was still shining.

I’m now off to make peanut butter fudge. yes, I totally watched the delicious miss Dahl and found her so lovely. I love the vintage feel of it.

as a side note, I’ve really been wanting to turn my too-many-blogs into one. well, it’s just a thought.

ps. London’s weather will never cease to surprise me. storm and then sun?

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food, journalthe macarons {5}


I know it’s actually not monday, but I have one reason good enough not to have posted yesterday.

namely, macarons.

after weeks of experimenting, I’ve finally come up with the perfect recipe that gives me lovely macarons every single time.
I’m thrilled because those little guys are so going to be part of the book I’m – deceptively slowly – trying to write.

it feels so good to start the week with such a great achievement.

so, how was your monday?

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food, journalprintannier {5}


as I was peeling rhubarb for a pre-dessert, I felt a sudden urge to run to the changing rooms and take my camera.

to me, rhubarb has the perfect spring colours, and possibly my favourite shade of pink.

I’m so ready for spring that I started a little cleaning over at foodbeam. it was not easy, but much needed.

what makes you feel ready for spring?

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food, journalin my kitchen {4}


green seems to be everywhere. from the onion bulb that has started germinating, to the matcha green tea brioches that are currently rising slightly more than I expected in the oven.

spring is close. and I’m excited.

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food, journaltake away {4}


Guillaume and I share this thing for unusual foods. we love to explore different flavours and textures.

whenever we go to china town, we can be spotted in the streets, sharing a weird shaped pastry.

our latest crush being a green tea moon cake.

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food, journalhmmm {2}


tasting Pierre Hermé’s macarons with Aïda.

found these two pictures on my latest roll. and I love them despite the weird colours.

sometimes, like today, everything just feels right. I woke up early, had time for a nice breakfast. work was great, with a lot of afternoon tea mise en place, some choux making, and jam pots wrapping. I’m home early, Guillaume is making us crêpes for dinner.

and the sun is sticking this time. see, it. just. feels. RIGHT.

what makes you feel right today? and for those of you who are lucky enough, have a lovely weekend!

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