hello, I’m Fanny.

I was born in 1985 and have been living on the French Riviera ever since, except for the couple of years I spent traveling around the world.

I love acorns, London, green bubble tea, skateboarding, Bloc Party, my cameras, being a pâtissière, unicorns, Michel Gondry, peacock feathers, hearts, embroidery, baby squirrels, milk chocolate, and probably many more things/people.

this blog is a collection of the many beautiful words and imagery that surround me, that inspire me, or more generally that catch my eye.


you can certainly email me – fanny[at]foodbeam[dot]com – but please don’t feel sad if it takes months for me to answer. your emails do make me the happiest girl on earth, yet it sometimes gets hard to keep up. promise, I’ll do my best!