today’s grey weather and light rain have pushed me into a much-loved state of cosiness.

wrapped into a warm wool cardigan, I crossed the street to buy some eggs and milk. crêpe time!

crêpes are the ultimate comfort food for me. and the recollection of my dad making them by the stove while my mum, sister and I were longing in front of our plates might have had an impact.
definitely, a part of our happy family.

what’s your favourite comfort food? and mostly, why?

ps. for the record, here is my go-to recipe. never fails to please hungry friends. in a bowl, mix 300g of flour, a pinch of salt, and two eggs. then gradually add 500g of milk. mixing well after every addition. finally, incorporate a small glass of water to thin up the batter slightly.
cook into a hot pan, making sure you grease it with a little butter every now and then

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