until a couple of hours ago (sixth of august two-thousand-and-nine) this journal was dedicated to the collection of beautiful imagery and words from what inspires me, as well as, from my very own everyday life.
now, after having accidentally deleted the database, I have no idea how things will turn out.
oh, and for the record, I’m Fanny.
I was born in 1985 and have been living on the French Riviera ever since, except for the couple of years I spent traveling around the world.
I love acorns, London, green bubble tea, skateboarding, Bloc Party, my cameras, being a
pâtissière, unicorns, Michel Gondry, peacock feathers, hearts, embroidery, milk chocolate, and probably many more things/people.


I must admit I feel a little bit lost about what I want this blog to be. the perspective of blankness and freshness did feel good.

like a new start.

but now the archives are back, I’m confused.

perhaps a walk could be great. I’m going to take my bike, a camera, and some hot ugg boots, and we’ll see what happens.

do you think I should delete everything? or should I keep the archives and pretend this is a fresh new blog? redo the layout and add some new exciting categories?

ps: the text above totally was the new about page.
ps bis: I re-opened the comments. it just felt lonely without you (the new fanny is on her way after quite sweet a bike ride).

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