aside from the many cakes/entremets/tarts I made at work today and the one little loaf cake I made at home, I spent most of my day sleeping, so did Pirate the cat.

cosily nested on my tummmy, around my neck, on my chest, around my arm… we looked like twins – except he snores a lot and I don’t. then I woke up for a cup of tea; and Pirate munched on some meat. good lazy times.

I guess I must have been really tired, because I got affected by the silliest story of all times. V. posted a picture of mine without giving credit. a picture I’m deeply fond of. and she wouldn’t publish or answer to my comments.
and damn, this made me sad.

but I have the feeling that after all this Pirate napping and cuddling and snoring, I don’t really mind anymore. I’m now off to browse my favourite internet reads to find pretty images to print out for my new inspiration wall.

update: dear friends, from now on, I shall tell you to get the sleep you need. it’ll avoid unnecesary and pointless drama. thanks V. for being so kind and understanding. xx

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