as I was reading marion’s blog, I stumbled upon this. which made this realise that my birthday is in exactly six months. or twenty-two weeks.

twenty-two things to make/do.

one. draw daily. random, meaningless, ugly. it doesn’t matter.
two. print my pictures using my newly-acquired semi-pro A3 printer.
three. finish making the headbands I started working on.
four. find my wacom tablet pen (must have gotten lost in my car).
five. publish a blurb books with the ‘we used to be happy’ illustrations I made a couple of months ago.
six. scan my polaroids.
seven. put an album of the daily sky polaroids together.
eight. take more pictures of the sky and draw over them using illustrator.
nine. make Christmas cards.
ten. give my portfolio a new look.
eleven. work on la moustache with anna-sarah.
twelve. paint my bedroom.
thirteen. make a long fabric garland.
fourteen. find out what I need to do to set up a business in France.
fifteen. figure out what I want to do next year.
sixteen. post more often on my blogs.
seventeen. clean my hard drive.
eighteen. pretend I can make your dreams come true. for one day.
nineteen. paint a diptych.
twenty. find my style and stick to it. not enough time to get distracted.
twenty-one. read haruki murakami’s the hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world.
twenty-two. eat healthily and local.